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Artifacts at the Healdsburg Museum

Armament at the Healdsburg Museum


Household Furnishings and Implements at the Healdsburg Museum

household furnishings


The Museum's collection of artifacts comprises a broad cross-section of historical materials providing opportunities for insights and exploration of Healdsburg and its surrounding areas. Highlights include:

  • POMO & WAPPO INDIAN ARTIFACTS: An extensive collection of decorative and utilitarian baskets of local Native origin, Native American stone tools and ethnographic research materials from the Southern Pomo and Western Wappo tribes; both tribes are considered among the world’s most skilled basket makers.
  • TEXTILES: Outstanding quilts and some samplers representing the finest examples of hand-crafted items, many handed down through generations. Men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and accessories (including hats, shoes and jewelry) including military artifacts and uniforms from local men and women who served in the Armed Forces.
  • PAINTINGS & FRAMED PHOTOGRAPHS: Oils, acrylics, watercolors, large framed photographs of historic significance and post cards.
  • TOOLS: Agricultural implements, carpentry and blacksmith tools, hunting and fishing gear, wine making equipment and mining tools.
  • ARMAMENT: On indefinite loan from the American Legion, an extensive collection of guns, rifles, a cannon and cannonballs, and other items used both in battle and for hunting.
  • HOUSEHOLD FURNISHINGS AND IMPLEMENTS: Furniture, bottles, ceramics, kitchen and household utensils.
  • LEISURE TIME: A stereopticon, athletic equipment, toys and games, fraternal organization documents and artifacts, musical instruments and sheet music, and recreational artifacts.
  • ARCHITECTURAL REMNANTS & BUSINESS FURNISHINGS: The original doorknob from the first City Hall, draftsman tools and original plat of the City, and original floor plans of historic buildings, and original card catalogs from the Carnegie Library.


Pomo & Wappo Indian Artifacts at the Healdsburg Museum Textiles Exhibit at the Healdsburg Museum Paintings and Framed Photographs at the Healdsburg Museum