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The Healdsburg Museum Volunteer Association (HMVA)

The Healdsburg Museum and Historical Society is staffed by a Curator and a part time Collections Manager. The rest of the work is done by volunteers. The Healdsburg Museum & Historical Society is proud to have over 125 volunteers who give of their time and skills in various activities. Approximately 15,000 hours of volunteer assistance are given collectively to the Museum every year. The Museum wouldn’t be what it is today without the dedication of its volunteers. 

If you are interested in doing something meaningful and enjoy working in a welcoming environment, there are many projects where your help would be most appreciated. Please consider joining HMVA and giving the gift of time.



You don't have to be an expert local historian. We are currently seeking friendly, dependable people to be greeters in the museum gallery. You can volunteer as little as two and half hours once a month. 




Volunteer assistance is always needed. Please contact Ann Howard, Coordinator of HMVA, at hmva@healdsburgmuseum.org to participate in any of the following areas:

* Receptionist
* Outreach
* Research
* Oral History
* Mailings
* Exhibits
* Scanning
* Publications
* Collections
* “Flashbacks”
* Indexing
* Events
* Membership
* Fund Development
* "Hands on History"    Workshops