Pomo & Pioneers: Early Healdsburg History

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This exhibit highlights examples of local Native American Pomo basketry in the Museum's collection. Pomo basket weavers of the Sonoma County region are recognized as being some of the finest basket makers in the world.

This exhibit also showcases photos and artifacts associated with pioneer Healdsburg settlers, including Henry and Josefa Fitch, Cyrus and Rufina Alexander, Harmon Heald and Col. Lewis Norton.

Healdsburg's Architectural Heritage

2018-1903 Queen Anne Cottage.jpg

“Healdsburg’s Architectural Heritage” 5/3 – 11/11

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Exhibition Description:  The history and character of an area are reflected in its architecture.  Founded in 1857, Healdsburg’s residential development included Greek Revival, Gothic Revival, Italianate, Queen Anne, Craftsman, and Neoclassic homes. The Healdsburg Museum and Historical Society has honored many local buildings with Historic Preservation Awards since 1996.  This exhibition highlights these historic treasures of Healdsburg architecture and the character-defining elements that exemplify these styles.